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How to Deal with Pet Anxiety from Fireworks

Posted by Alex Bonesteel on
How to Deal with Pet Anxiety from Fireworks

Independence Day is summer’s biggest celebration. Gathering with friends and family, enjoying the outdoors, grilling, and of course…fireworks. 

If you’re a pet owner, you likely know first-hand that firework shows, while extremely fun and enjoyable for humans, can be an extremely stressful time for our pets. 

Dogs, cats, and many other household pets respond to the booms, bangs, and flashes that July 4th brings with anxiety, stress, and fear. We’ve all seen a scared dog or cat run and hide to escape the loud rumblings of fireworks. Stressed out pets can bring stress for their humans as well.

We here at Lume love our four-legged friends, and we know how tough July 4th can be for them. We want all furry companions to feel safe, happy, and peaceful, and to give pet owners the resources they need to protect the wellbeing of their pets as the many booms, bangs, and flashes explode around them.

Fortunately, CBD pet tincture is a great answer for helping to alleviate the stress in many pets once fireworks start going off.  

Treating Pet Fireworks Anxiety with CBD

pet cbd for anxiety

There are many reasons pets may suffer from anxiety. Traveling, historical neglect/abuse, moving into a new home, meeting new pets or people, thunderstorms, trips to the veterinarian or groomer, and fireworks can all be causes of pet anxiety and pose a significant challenge for pets and their humans. 

Scores of reviews on the web praise CBD as a potentially life-changing solution for pet owners. Prescription anti-anxiety drugs for pets often have serious side effects that can be harmful. CBD is a natural option that hasn’t shown the same risks of side-effects as prescription treatments.

CBD calms anxious pets. This helps them deal with both acute anxiety associated with fireworks and can be a fantastic addition to a pet’s everyday routine if they suffer from more chronic symptoms. 

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Take these stories for example:

“I gave my puppy a dose of Pet CBD tincture today before a vet visit because she gets anxiety visiting unfamiliar places for the first time. She was still timid but not cowering like she usually does. After a few minutes she acted very comfortable at the office and with the veterinarian. Today was my first try with it and I’d say it did what I hoped it would for her anxiety.”

~Ramona T.

“My dog has very high separation anxiety. Nothing I tried worked until I tried CBD oil. She's calm and relaxed while on it and there don't seem to be any noticeable side effects.”

~Brian B.

“My dog is very energetic happy, and confident pup, but during the run up to July 4th, people started setting off fireworks. She crawled under the bed and whined and howled for hours on end. When it got the worst, right after dusk, she howled and peed under the bed and wouldn’t come out for hours. I was so sad for her. The next day I did some research and found pet CBD oil as a possible option. I ordered it next day air and thankfully it got here quickly. The results were amazing. When the fireworks started going off that night, she just cuddled up to me on the couch and was very relaxed and peaceful.”

~Anna L.

There are thousands of stories just like these sharing positive impacts CBD can have on pets that suffer from anxiety. For many pets, it is a total lifesaver.  

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After the fireworks are over, keep using Lume’s Pet CBD Tincture for relieving your pet’s pain and discomfort, relieves daily tension, promotes recovery, and helps their body feel better. 

Studies suggest that CBD helps the treatment of a number of pet mental health conditions, including depression,  epilepsy, and sleep disturbances, among many others. 

Where to Order Pet CBD

We offer convenient online shopping with fast shipping options. You can order now by clicking on this link or simply come to a Lume store near you. 

Fast Shipping 

If you’re concerned about your pet’s anxiety over July 4th, then you may need fast shipping. We offer fast 2-day shipping nationwide to ensure your pet has easy access to CBD that will help them through this tough Holiday.

Ingredients Matter 

CBD products for pets are commonplace in pet supply stores today but quality can vary widely. At Lume, our products use the cleanest, most potent, and highest-quality ingredients to craft the best product possible. Our stringent and thoughtful production process ensures we maintain the highest healing benefits in every product we make.

Our CBD Pet Tincture uses only natural, USA derived broad-spectrum CBD derived from organically grown hemp plants. It provides your pet with rapid relief from pain, discomfort, anxiety, and stress, while promoting fast healing and wellbeing for your furry friend.  

Our proprietary Lume CBD Pet Tincture formulation is easy to digest, and has a completely clean ingredient list, with only 3 natural, organic ingredients. This makes it great for dogs and cats that have sensitive stomachs or other digestive issues.   

We use only the finest organic ingredients to bring you the absolute highest quality CBD pet tincture on the market today. The easy-to-use dosing dropper makes it simple to get the exact dose your pet needs to achieve the CBD benefits they need.   

Because pets often have sensitive stomachs, the ingredients in the pet CBD you choose are very important. We use only 3 ingredients to give you the cleanest pet CBD formulation on the market today.  

Organic Olive Oil  

Olive oil has an array of health benefits for humans, and many of these are also applicable for our four-legged friends. These range from boosting the immune system to improving coat and skin condition. As a medium for CBD, there is no better option. Olive oil is easy for dogs and cats to digest, so small amounts will not cause an upset stomach for your furry friend.  

Broad-Spectrum USA Derived CBD  

Our CBD is thoughtfully extracted from hemp plants grown in the USA. Our high-quality CBD offers a host of benefits for your pet's body and mind, including improving symptoms of anxiety and depression, reducing stress, reducing inflammation, and relieving pain. CBD is an excellent choice for any pet that suffers from mental health conditions, stress, or pain associated with arthritis, sore muscles, and other medical conditions. Because we use the cleanest extraction methods, we also preserve the many other cannabinoids found naturally in hemp. This helps promote the positive effects of CBD by creating a full-spectrum entourage effect, where all the cannabinoids work together to help your pet feel better. 

Organic Sunflower Lecithin  

A natural fat from sunflower, Sunflower Lecithin is an emulsifying agent that helps fat and water stay together. It is often added to foods such as chocolate, cheese, and salad dressing. It is often taken as a supplement due to its health benefits such as reducing cholesterol level. 

The Lume Difference 

We make our CBD products thoughtfully, with the utmost care and attention to what will be best for your pet’s body. Every aspect of our CBD pet tincture is rooted in quality. 

We never add harmful, unnatural additives or preservatives, and only use 100% cruelty-free ingredients, production, and testing methods. We use only the finest natural and organic ingredients, with no additives or fillers.   

By using organic and natural ingredients, we ensure our CBD tincture will benefit your pet’s body and mind, without any unwanted side-effects. And our CBD is naturally derived from hemp plants, carefully cultivated using organic methods in the USA. 

Because of the passion, expertise, and care that we put into making our Pet CBD tincture, we are confident there is no higher-quality CBD Pet Tincture on the market today. Try it, and your pet will feel the Lume difference.  

  • Paraben Free 
  • Cruelty Free 
  • Non-GMO 
  • Made with Natural, Organic Ingredients 
  • Broad Spectrum CBD 

Is Pet CBD Easy to Administer?

Because we use simple ingredients that both dogs and cats love, you will have no issues administering our pet CBD tincture.

We recommend placing the suggested serving size, based on your pet’s weight in their food or water, or you can simply place the dropper into their mouth and they will lick it right up.  

Serving Size: 1 dropper (1mL) - 1 full dropper = 16mg CBD  

Dosing Recommendations: 

  • Large size pet (50+lbs) = 1 full dropper 
  • Medium size pet (30-50 lbs.) ½ dropper 
  • Small size pets (<30 lbs) ¼ to ½ dropper  

CBD Legality 

CBD is legal in every U.S. state except for Idaho. You can quickly and easily buy CBD for your pet online here. We ship nationwide to customers all over the country.

What About Side Effects? 

While side-effects from CBD are rare, there are some you should be aware of:

  • Dry mouth: Research has shown that CBD can decrease the production of saliva. Make sure your pet has free access to water when treating them with CBD. 
  • Lowered blood pressure: High doses of CBD have been known to cause a temporary drop in blood pressure, so if your pet suffers from low blood pressure, treatment with CBD is not recommended.  
  • Drowsiness: In most cases, this is not really a side-effect and actually the effect pet owners like to see. It can be a huge win if your pet is able to sleep through the loud bangs and booms of July 4th 

More Tips to Help Your Pet Deal with Fireworks Anxiety

anxious pets


  1. Stay close and provide reassuring contact.
  2. Give your pet a quiet refuge, as far from the noise as possible.
  3. Distract your pet by playing with them and giving them attention 

Do You Have Other Questions? 

If you'd like more information about Lume CBD or our products, we are here to answer all your questions and point you in the right direction. 

Just contact us, and we will be happy to help. 

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