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Superior Small Batch CBD

We are local crafters of artisanal CBD products who specialize in small batch production. Our limited-quantity, superior-quality CBD products are made with care and created with purpose. Hand-crafted, thoughtfully enhanced, and meticulously perfected. Each one offering a little something unique to brighten your day and better your health.

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The Lume Process

Small Batch

When it comes to wellness, we prescribe to a simple philosophy: less is more. Less stress, more balance. Less hurting, more healing. Less quantity, more quality. Our small batch production ensures we maintain the highest quality, purity, potency, and healing benefits in every product we make.


Like any good craftsman, we take great pride in putting a personal touch on everything we create. So, unlike most other CBD brands, we hand-infuse every single one of our products ourselves. Using the safest, cleanest, and most controllable techniques to do so. Taking our time, and doing it right.

Better Inside

Ingredient-obsessed. Unapologetically purposeful. We only use the finest plant-based aroma-therapy extracts to elevate the efficacy of our CBD, and nothing else. Because by us putting better ingredients into our CBD products, you get better results out of them.


Before finding Lume CBD, I had a very hard time not only falling asleep but staying asleep. I wake up feeling rested and ready to take on the day thanks to their 1000mg tincture! Love Lume!

Being a hockey player, I have had a bad shoulder for years now. The Lume extra-strength stick is the only thing that gives me relief and I love that I can travel with it.

I soak my feet in the CBD Bath Bombs every night and follow it with the CBD relief balm or CBD body cream. It soothes my aches and relieves any pain I may have! I am so happy I have found a product that naturally relieves any soreness and actually works.